Electric car JAC iEV7S is easily recognizable in the flow thanks to its bright expressive forms. Hidden under the radiator grill are charging connectors.

Electric car JAC iEV7S


Everyone loves electric cars now. But everyone is looking for something special. Only Jac iEV7S unites all qualities. It is beauty, individuality and accessibility. Imagine how easy it is.

Electric car JAC iEV7S

Striking appearance

You recognize it in the stream when you see it from the front.

Electric car JAC iEV7S

Modern forms

You dream about it when this electric car stands next to you.

Electric car JAC iEV7S

Want it right now!

You follow your gaze when Jac drives to another's garage


There are 3 main arguments in favor of Jac iEV7S. You feel it as soon as you find yourself in the salon of this electric car.

Technical equipment

Convenience in daily use will add a multimedia system. And all kinds of electronic assistants will make you feel like a pilot of the car of the future.


Excellent interior trim in eco-leather. The dashboard looks nice. Sporty leather seats add a premium feel. Your feel is important in daily use.


The Jac electric car is equipped with the necessary safety equipment. Inside the cabin there are front airbags and 3-point seat belts for the driver and passengers.

High-tech features

IEV7S is equipped with PEPS as a key to enter / start, EPB electronic handbrake, CCS cruise, 360 panoramic images and other high-tech configuration.MP5

Multi big touching screen

8 inches multi big touching screen, 16 million pixels, resolution 800x480, support 360 panoramic images, vehicle status view, vehicle settings, multimedia etc.


High-tech of science and technology. All interior elements remind that your car is filled with the most modern technologies.

Soft leather covered trim

The leather interior of the car pleasantly surprises with the quality of its finishing. Nice design. Beautiful seams of stitching details.

Comfortable leather seats

Comfortable leather seats with good breathabilit. Comfortable sports seats. Heating and ventilation will add comfort in any conditions.

Steering wheel

The multifunctional adjustable steering wheel, covered in leather, is pleasing to the eye and fits comfortably in the hands.


Let's take a closer look at Jaс iEV7S together. Why is it so excellent?

Electric car JAC iEV7S


You will love these specifications. This is amazing.

Electric car JAC iEV7S

Jac iEV7S Interior

It is impossible to stop. It seems all is said. But in this car salon I want to go. One wants to sit on these seats. And I want to use multimedia. What can be added here, you yourself will see everything on the test drive.

Electric car JAC iEV7S

Charging Time

  • F: Slow charge (15% to 80%): 5h
  • Fast charge (0 to 80%SOC): 1h
  • B: The charging rated improved 50%
  • Driving Range
  • Driving range is 300km & top range (60km constant speed) 350km
  • 200/5000
  • Electric car JAC iEV7S

    Forward platform R&D

  • Battery is not in the trunk, but be distributed under chassis
  • Lower center of gravity and brings more space
  • Advanced platform technology
  • Electric car JAC iEV7S

    Permanent magnet synchronous motor

  • It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, reliable operation, high power density and good speed regulation
  • Quality is guaranteed, good cost-effective.
  • Safety

    Pay attention to the high level of safety in every unit and assembly of an electric vehicle.

    Electric car JAC iEV7S

    5 stars in safety- vehicle body structure

  • Five star safety body design, in order to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • The design of car body is made of high strength sheet metal material high strength steel application ratio: 21%
  • Application ratio of extra high strength steel: 16%
  • Better security, better driving stability
  • Electric car JAC iEV7S

    Battery safety: 5 grade security protection

  • First grade: Insulation failure and cutting off high voltage once collision happens.
  • Second grade: blown fuse.
  • Third grade: Flexible connection of electromagnetic negative pole.
  • Fourth grade: Software overcurrent protection.
  • Fifth grade: Hardware protection.
  • Electric car JAC iEV7S

    High Sealing property

    Grade IP67

    Electric car JAC iEV7S

    Liquid cooling system

    Liquid cooling technology

    Electric car JAC iEV7S

    Temperature control


    Electric car JAC iEV7S

    High temperature charg/discharging

    Constancy of temperature

    Cooling technology

    Liquid cooling technology: consistency of temperature technology
    JAC hammered out five classes’ thermal safety control technology.
    Thermal safety control ensures that explosion or fire of single cell will not lead to explosion or fire of whole batter package.

    Electric car JAC iEV7S

    News & Reviews

    JAC Motors is a Chinese state-owned automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturer. Jac Motors production capacity is over 500,000 cars/year . The company's team is more than 10,000 people. They make comfortable and economical cars for you right now while you sleep.


    JAC Motors and Huawei signed MDC platform project cooperation agreement for carry out in-depth cooperation in the areas of smart vehicle solutions, enterprise informatization, smart parks, and smart factories

    Electric car JAC iEV7S

    Volkswagen will invest 2.1 billion euros in two electric-vehicle-related companies in China as it prepares to capture a substantial share of growing electric-vehicle sales in the world's largest new-vehicle market

    Electric car JAC iEV7S

    The National Development and Reform Commission, China's top state planner, gave a green light to JAC and VW to build 100,000 pure battery electric vehicles annually, according to a JAC Motor stock exchange filing.

    Electric car JAC iEV7S


    Got questions about Jac iEV7S? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free please contact us.

    Is it profitable to maintain?

    You are not buying oil, filters, or other consumables. How much are you spending now? Compare, everything will be clear.

    Why is an electric car useful ?

    It's simple - it is 5 times cheaper than carbon-hydrogen fuel. Free parking, own traffic lane and much more.

    How to use an electric car for free?

    Install solar panels at home. This way, you get environmentally friendly free electricity. It's amazingly convenient.

    Is it more profitable than other car?

    This is a great electric compact crossover for the price of a petrol subcompact, yet it has decent quality.

    Technical Specification

    Need more iEV7S info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the electric car. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials. Jac iEV7S full technical specification electric car here

    Basic information


    Motor system


    Сharging system




    Active safety

    Passive safety


    Other technical features

    Roadmap 2050

    Renewable Energy Roadmap to decarbonising European cars. If the EU is to achieve the global Paris climate agreement goals of pursuing efforts to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5ºC, transport emissions must be reduced to zero by 2050 at the very latest, including emissions from passenger cars. Energy, Climate change, Environment

    Now 2020

    ZEVs+PHEVs - 4%

    ICEs - 96%


    ZEVs - 15% , PHEVs - 10%

    ICEs - 75%


    ZEVs - 40% , PHEVs -20%

    ICEs - 40%


    ZEVs - 100%

    ICEs - 0%


    ZEVs - 100%


    ZEVs - 100%


    Chargers Map App

    This application will help you find many charging stations throughout Europe.

    Electric car JAC iEV7SElectric car JAC iEV7S
    Electric car JAC iEV7S